Let’s Start With a Smile…

It sounds simple because it is. Sharing a smile is a powerful first step on the journey to creating a kinder more caring world. Smiling generates more positive emotions in us. Not only does smiling make us feel better, when we smile it encourages others to smile too. Peace Machine is a response to a world climate that needs more smiles, more caring, more listening and understanding.

So, what part can everyone play in making a kinder more caring world?

Start with a smile! Do what you love and share that love and enthusiasm with those around you. At Peace Machine, our response is to use our talents and abilities to create products that promote peace and unity among all people. Our goal is to inspire and encourage people everywhere to choose kindness and understanding as a path toward a happier and more peaceful world.

For every purchase made at, we donate a percentage of the proceeds to support groups and organizations that promote peace, understanding and unity among all people –see Paying it Forward for more details

Start with a Smile -Together we can be the makers of a kinder more caring world. Together we can be the Peace Machine.

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